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Did you know sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in adults?

The good news is that SCA (sudden cardiac arrest) can be reversed if the victim is administered CPR within a few minutes of the occurrence. The fact that SCA commonly occurs in the morning hours, which is usually during the work day, CPR training is must for your employees, staff and managers.

Orlando Magic Staff CPR Training at Amway Arena - February 2019

It is in the best interest of Orlando and Orange County businesses and corporations to provide routine corporate CPR training. for its employees and management staff. This is a benefit to all employees, and can provide a "comfort level" just knowing that your co-workers are trained in CPR and know how to handle an unexpected event.

Corporate Training Classes are Our Specialty

CPR and AED Training for Your Company

Orlando Corporate CPR Training

In-House Corporate CPR training is just what it sounds like. We bring certified CPR trainers to your corporation or business location. This minimizes employee downtime and makes for a more comfortable environment in which to complete this important training.

CPR and AED training into your workplace benefits

  • It can eventually save someone's life
  • Save on employee travel and time off for training
  • Training at your facility makes the session both practical and an efficient use of resources

Corporate CPR Training Saves Lives

Most workplace CPR classes incorporate AED (automated external defibrillator) training along with CPR. Both of which are powerful tools in handling a work place incident. Utilizing both CPR and AED maximizes the survival rate of the victim.

Orlando Corporations and Large Organization

We Come to Your Orlando Facility or Plant

Compliance with Local, State and Federal Mandates
Some states or local jurisdiction require CPR training in some degree. Many industry and corporate regulatory requirements mandate that employees have some level of CPR and/or AED training or certification.

Occupations That Require Workplace CPR Skills
Many industries or professions, particularly healthcare professionals, first responders, law enforcement officers, daycare providers and educators require up-to-date CPR certification. Along with other professions that have a higher than average need for CPR training, those include the construction industry, electricians and others that deal with semi dangerous work.

Make sure your employees are in compliance. This not only provides a "safety net" for your employees but can also mitigate any potential litigation as a result of inaction or incorrect procedures in administering CPR or use of a AED.

AEDs & CPR - A Powerful Duo
Some organization feels that if they provide their employees with CPR training they are "covered" for any SCA. The facts are - after about 10 minutes from a SCA event the chances of survival are extremely low. Studies also show the when an AED is used within the first few minutes, the survival rate extremely high.

We Have the Materials and Props for Large Groups

Provide Your Orlando or Orange County Employees with CPR Training

Why Have an AED and AED Training in the Work Place is Important
Contrary to popular belief, AED is as simple to implement as CPR and requires less physical exertion. Units are well marked with easy-to-follow instructions, removing guesswork from the equation. Most facilities are required to keep AED equipment up-to-date, which is why we offer regular AED inspections as part of our services.